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Our commitment is to empower retailers and wholesalers, regardless of their online or physical presence, by granting access to a broad spectrum of top-quality products.

Boasting a selection of more than 15,000 distinct items from 500+ leading brands, we are confident that our range meets the diverse needs of your clientele. Our product portfolio spans coveted categories such as perfumes, makeup, skincare, professional salon products, and fashion accessories. Through exclusive collaborations with official suppliers, we guarantee the authenticity of all products, providing you the assurance to sell confidently in any market.
Situated in Bucharest, Romania, our warehouse meticulously maintains real-time inventory for all the items featured on our platform, facilitating same-day dispatch for every order. As proprietors of the stock, we refrain from pre-selling or presenting items that are not already in our possession.
In support of your business expansion, we provide complimentary access to our robust API tool. This empowers you to effortlessly list and broaden your product range across various sales channels without the hassle of inventory management. Once implemented, we handle the entire process, ensuring the prompt and secure delivery of products to your designated destination.
Experience swift delivery times, typically averaging three working days post-order confirmation (please be aware that delivery times may vary by country). Combined with our competitive pricing, this not only enables you to optimize your market potential but also aligns with our mutual business objectives, enhancing your overall experience.
Dedicated to delivering added value to our customers, we extend substantial discounts on final orders and provide weekly discount vouchers that can be accumulated and applied to your purchases. These incentives contribute to making our products even more cost-effective, empowering you to sustain a competitive edge in the market.
Our team is driven and dedicated to offering exceptional support customized to meet your unique requirements. Fostering a positive workplace culture is a priority within our company, and we have confidence that our staff will extend the same level of dedication to caring for our customers as we show them.
As a component of our Fair Trade Strategy, we distinguish ourselves as one of the few companies in the industry that refrains from competing with our customers through simultaneous wholesale and retail activities. This deliberate approach enables us to concentrate exclusively on bolstering your success as a cherished partner.

Join us and experience the difference of partnering with a company that truly understands and supports your business goals.

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