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Delivery of products

All products will be packed on euro-pallets or boxes, depending on the size of the order.

In the case of larger orders, in addition to sealing the boxes on the pallets, they, in turn, will be sealed with two safety measures to minimize the chances of damage to the goods.

Box dimensions: 40x60x40 cm

The whole process of packing the goods is videotaped.

Before delivery to the courier, we will take pictures of the package, on the scale, to certify its weight. Thus, the client has the obligation to check upon receipt if the weight of the package corresponds to that in the picture.

If it does not correspond, the client has the obligation to:

  • take a picture with the weight of the package;
  • open the present package with the courier and take a picture with the contents;
  • perform the present inventory with it.

For more details on the packaging method or for special requirements you can contact us by email or at the contact phone numbers.

Any complaint regarding the visible character of the received products will be made on the spot, in front of the courier.

The goods are provided by us, and the client has the obligation to follow the above steps in order to be compensated.

Return of products

All products sold by us are purchased only through official channels, for this reason the return of products based on non-compliance is not accepted.

When sending the packages, we will send the customer a picture of the packaged products, as specified above.

The return of the products will be made only for justified reasons such as the obvious and serious damage of the package and the products.

If the return of the products is not substantiated, we will be able to reject the customer's request.

If the return of the products is justified, we undertakes to return the entire value of the goods to the customer or to replace them as soon as possible, whichever option is the customer's option.

All notifications regarding the packages received by the customer will be made at the time of their receipt, completing the courier's report and sending the request to our e-mail address.

Payment methods

The customer has the following options for paying for the ordered goods:

  • Online, through internet banking;
  • By payment order (at bank counters); if you opt for payment with PO, please send us a copy of it to our email address to confirm payment;

Important note: Our bank account must be credited with the proper amount before shipping the order.

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